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C# .NET Community Projects - Object-Oriented Programming

In the last lesson, Tuple and ValueTuple in C# .NET , we introduced Tuple and ValueTuple.

A collection of C# .NET OOP apps with source codes from local programmers. Sources are not verified as in the courses and their quality may vary.

Hangman Game in C# .NET Console

Hangman Game in C# .NET Console v 1.0.0

The Hangman game in which you have to guess the word letters. When you guess incorrectly, you lose one life. C# source codes are available.
Written by Jan Vargovsky
 2xUnratedPublished: 2013 Show description
Console Version of Mau-Mau Card Game in C# .NET

Console Version of Mau-Mau Card Game in C# .NET

Simple card game Mau-Mau, very similar to UNO. The game was created for the local OOP competition in C# .NET.
Written by Bratr
 4xUnratedPublished: 2015 Show description
Videostop in C# .NET Console

Videostop in C# .NET Console v 1.4

Recreational game. Roll the dice of the same value! The program has an interesting rendering function, and also possibility to change the game speed.
Written by fictum.jiri
 1xUnratedPublished: 2016 Show description
Bouncing Balls in C# .NET Console

Bouncing Balls in C# .NET Console

Balls bounce off the console edges just like in a pool table. The program beautifully demonstrates what are objects good for.
Written by fictum.jiri
 22xUnratedPublished: 2018 Show description
Dice Game

Dice Game v 1.1.0

Simple Dice game created in C# console.
Written by Daniel Vitek
 0xUnratedPublished: 2012 Show description
Battleship (Game) in C# .NET

Battleship (Game) in C# .NET

The classic Battleship game, made in console and written in C#. The objective of the game is to sink all opponent's ships.
Written by Z.Pelikan
 36xUnratedPublished: 2014 Show description
Using Flags for User Permissions

Using Flags for User Permissions

Example program that uses flags (enum type) to grant permissions to users. C# .NET source code is available to download.
Written by David Capka
 1xUnratedPublished: 2012 Show description


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