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Joquim:3/21/2017 8:07

We've starting a web service marketplace to buy fruits online & we know we've not done enough yet. Kindly advise, as to what we are missing on our site or what needs to be corrected from a user, customer point? Please look it over and let us know what needs to be fixed and what catches your eye.

We can also take any negatives on the chin as we are totally aware it'll help us to improvise us, so please go ahead.


Reply 3/21/2017 8:07
David Capka team
Replies to Joquim
David Capka:3/21/2017 17:55

It looks impressive, thumbs up for the responsivity. I think the load time of the subpages is quite slow. I personally don't like the hand-draw cover image on the home page, I think it doesn't match with the other images (the fruit tree and the map, it's also in a low resolution). I'd definitely add borders to the recipe images and borders to the carousel's circles which are hard to be seen on the background.

Edited 3/21/2017 17:55
Up Reply 3/21/2017 17:55
You can walk through a storm and feel the wind but you know you are not the wind.

Replies to Joquim
:3/23/2017 11:57

I like that design, but I am not a design person :) I don't like semi-transparent box with text "Buy mangoes...". I would remove transparency or at least make it less transparent. And maybe set bigger font (16px), margin from every side (25px) and bigger line spacing (1.6) for readability. Make it more user friendly and natural, not "that text must fit that background".

I tried to send contact message (with no input data) and there was no error/warning messages. You should send some messages for user to know what was wrong. You have it on login page, why not on contact page?

Load time is quite high, but maybe it is just because long distance between my location (Slovakia) and server. If you also see this long load times, you should consider better hosting and/or optimize your code.

I had som problems after adding mangoes to the cart. If I click on cart, nothing happens. I guess it should show cart.

Up Reply 3/23/2017 11:57
Joquim:3/29/2017 3:40

@David Capka, Matus Petrofcik

I just wanted to say thank you to both of you for your comments, it's been a really positive experience. I was very dubious about asking for opinions, but will not hesitate in future.

I'll look into the technical hoo-ha (esp. the slowness in load time & other things mentioned by you guys), though I may need to take some time on that. If these are the only comments then fantastic, I can hopefully correct them & make a better site.

Many thanks again for taking the pain to reply.
Take care!

Up Reply  +1 3/29/2017 3:40
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