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JensenBreck:11/1/2017 3:47


I recently tried Atom but didn't like it.

I've been using Dreamweaver 8 for years just as an editor (I never look at the WYSIWYG screen) the editor autocompletes the code which I like a lot. Atom doesn't seem to do that, unless I'm being stupid, which is probable.

I've tried loads of different ones other than that.

I'd be really interested to know what others use and what is the thing about it.

For More Details:

Reply 11/1/2017 3:47
David Capka team
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David Capka:11/2/2017 7:19

We use PhpStorm or WebStorm.

Up Reply 11/2/2017 7:19
You can walk through a storm and feel the wind but you know you are not the wind.
Petr Čech
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Petr Čech:11/3/2017 4:25

I have great experience with PHPstorm for ...well, PHP.
For everything else I use Visual Studio code. But that is frankly quite imperfect for large projects.

Up Reply 11/3/2017 4:25
Why so serious?
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