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JensenBreck:12/14/2017 8:43

Write a JavaScript program that asks the user to enter up to 10 golf scores which are to be stored in an should provide a means for the user to terminate input prior to entering 10 scores.the program should display all the scores on one line and report the average score .handle input ,display, and the average calculation with three separate array processing functions.
If anyone has any information about this,
Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.


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12/14/2017 8:43
Jindrich Maca
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Jindrich Maca:12/23/2017 16:24

Hi, first of all Java is not JavaScript, so you posted this in wrong forum category. Second, this is really basic task, so maybe if you'd study JavaScript for a while, you will be able to do it yourself, because I have high doubt that such specific task will be somewhere to find even on the internet. For you studies, you can try local tutorial - ;)

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12/23/2017 16:24
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