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Lesson 20 - Simple CMS in Laravel - Author of the article

In the last lesson, Simple CMS in Laravel - Logout, we completed the user system by creating registration, login, email address verification, logout, and template editing.

In today's lesson of the PHP tutorial we will look at the use of middleware in the Laravel framework and connect the article with the author. We will also look at the events of the Eloquent model.

Checking the logged in user

The article editor is currently available to anyone, including visitors. This also applies to the editing of existing articles, which is by no means secure. This is certainly undesirable behavior that we must correct immediately. We do not want our site to be flooded with, for example, advertising posts, when we will not even be able to find out who it actually comes from.

In previous lessons, we have come across so-called middleware several times. We should already know that these are intermediaries that filter server requests. This also makes our work easier, because they can be assigned to certain actions or even a group of routes. We do not have to laboriously implement a certain control for every action.

One of the already known middleware, which we will currently use, is auth. As its key shows, it checks if the user is logged in. Otherwise, the visitor is redirected to the login page.

The use of the middleware

We can assign the created middleware to the action in several ways:


...End of the preview...

Premium article

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Although we are trying to keep our content free of charge, maintaining the site is a huge effort for everyone involved. Therefore, some content (exercises and more advanced material) costs network points. Don't worry, they're really cheap :)

Article description

Requested article covers this content:

In this lesson we will add a link between the author and his articles and secure the article editor using middleware.

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