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Lesson 12 - UML - Composite structure diagram and Object diagram

Software design UML UML - Composite structure diagram and Object diagram

In the previous lesson, UML - Other interaction diagrams, we introduced remaining interaction diagrams. In today's UML tutorial, we will take a look at the Composite structure diagram and the Object diagram.

Composite structure diagram

Composite structure diagram captures the internal structure of a class and collaborations within this class and between its environment. Typically, we use it for classes that are composed of multiple instances of other classes and we use the diagram to describe this internal compound structure (hence the name of the diagram).

To make things more complicated, classes in Composite Structure Diagram are called classifiers. Internal instances in the class are referred to as parts, they collaborate by


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In the tutorial, we'll show how to use the Composite structure diagrams and Object diagrams on real examples.

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