Samuel Kodytek added article Companion objects in Kotlin.
In this Kotlin lesson, we'll learn companion objects which is an alternative of static/class properties in other languages.
Samuel Kodytek added article Arena with a mage in Kotlin (inheritance and polymorphism).
In this Kotlin tutorial, we'll learn to call base constructors, override methods and put what we know about inheritance and polymorphism to the test.
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8. December 2:24
David Capka added article Testing in C# .NET - Finishing unit tests and best practices.
We'll cover a C# .NET class with unit tests, explain the methods on the Assert class, and learn to test exceptions. We'll talk about best practices.
6. December 12:10
David Capka added article Testing in C# .NET - Introduction to unit tests.
In this tutorial, we'll prepare a simple C# .NET class and generate a test project with unit tests for it in Visual Studio. We'll use project references.
6. December 10:44
David Capka added article Introduction to software testing in C# .NET.
The tutorial explains why it's necessary to test software and why it needs to be done by a machine. Describes the basic test types, introduces the v-model.
6. December 9:54
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6. December 2:16
David Capka added article Parallel Class and PLINQ in C# .NET.
In this tutorial, we'll get to know the Parallel class, which allows us to run e.g. a multi-threaded for loop. Finally, we'll run a parallel LINQ query.
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commentOpenstack neutron : accessing openstack managed servers from the network host from sandeepkumar
Hi all, I have a distributed "openstack": setup -- one controller and three compute instances. The "network node" is ...
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David Capka added article Threads in C# .NET - Sleep, Join, and lock.
In this tutorial, we'll learn to block (put to sleep and join) threads in C# .NET, and using locks and the lock keyword. We'll make our app threadsafe.
29. November 11:03
Lesson 7 - Database wrapper from David Capka
The directory structure is defined and explained in this lesson -…oriented-mvc-...
29. November 4:12
Lesson 7 - Database wrapper from Jitendra Kumar
Hi, You didn't define the directory structure. this is being forced to put the folder into server root folder. Into...
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David Capka added article Introduction to multi-threaded applications in C#.NET.
This tutorial introduces to parallel programming in C# .NET. We'll explain terms such as a process and create our first multi-threaded application.
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David Capka added article Scaffolding and Entity Framework in ASP.NET Core MVC.
In this tutorial, we'll introduce scaffolding and Entity Framework. Using these technologies, we'll generate an article editor for a ASP.NET Core blog.
26. November 14:15
David Capka added article Modifying the MVC template in ASP.NET Core.
In this tutorial, we'll explain the structure of the default MVC template in ASP.NET Core and then modify it to look like a personal blog.
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David Capka added article Data processing and validations in ASP.NET Core MVC.
In this tutorial, we'll learn how to process data sent by a form in ASP.NET Core MVC. We'll describe the GET and POST HTTP methods.
24. November 8:44
David Capka added article Form handling in ASP.NET Core MVC.
In this ASP.NET Core MVC tutorial, we'll introduce model binding and scaffolding using templates. We'll program a simple form calculator.
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David Capka added article First web application in ASP.NET Core MVC.
In this C# tutorial, we'll program our first web application in ASP.NET Core MVC, it'll be a random number generator.
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