Lesson 9 - Birthday reminder in C# .NET WPF - Bindings from David Capka
Yeah, bindings can be tricky sometimes :)
Lesson 9 - Birthday reminder in C# .NET WPF - Bindings from Chen 琛
this lesson worths to re-visit a few times:)
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David Capka added article Dynamic strings and structures in the C language.
In this tutorial, we'll learn to allocate strings dynamically exactly that long as we need them. Then we'll focus on passing structures by reference.
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Lesson 1 - Introduction to C# and the .NET framework from Chen 琛
Today my boss agreed to use c# for the new project! Time for me to switch from vb to c#. I like vb But it is time to ...
3. May 6:19
David Capka added article Pointer arithmetic in the C language.
In this tutorial, we'll learn to add integers to pointers and subtract pointers. We'll iterate through dynamic arrays using pointers and indexes.
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David Capka added article Dynamic memory allocation in the C language.
The tutorial explains the difference between static and dynamic memory allocation. Using malloc() and free() we'll allocate memory for 100 ints at runtime.
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Lesson 8 - Arena with a mage in VB.NET (inheritance and polymorphism) from David Capka
The online compilers have been fixed :)
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Lesson 8 - Arena with a mage in VB.NET (inheritance and polymorphism) from David Capka
It looks like we haven't added the attachments to this course yet. The previous VB.NET basics course seems to be comp...
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Lesson 8 - Arena with a mage in VB.NET (inheritance and polymorphism) from Chen 琛
Where is the downloadable source code :-? Also the online console application cannot be ran. It returned compiling er...
2. May 9:17
Lesson 7 - Inheritance and polymorphism in VB.NET from Chen 琛
Applied inheritance into a company project today! It works well and structurally looks much better! 8-)
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commentWeb critic n5bno.com from David Capka
Hi Ron, welcome to our forums :) However, you site is not very nice nor modern. Why do you write <div id="nav">...
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David Capka added article Introduction to pointers in the C language.
The tutorial introduces pointers in the C programming language. We'll learn to use the operators * and &.
1. May 14:44
Chen 琛 has rated Arena with warriors in VB.NET.
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commentn5bno.com from Ron Craig
i have done several websites my personal sites(contain html, CSS, javascript) phantmi.info phantmi.com n5bno.com and ...
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Honza Bittner added article Styling in jQuery.
This tutorial shows the basics of how to style elements in jQuery. We'll look at such functions as .css(), .width(), .offset(), .position() and more.
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