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15. November 21:02
David Capka added article Introduction to the MVC architecture in ASP.NET Core.
In this tutorial, we'll describe the MVC architecture used by the ASP.NET Core MVC framework for programming web applications in C# .NET.
15. November 10:07
David Capka added article Introduction to ASP.NET web applications.
In this tutorial, we'll explain why web applications are more popular than desktop ones, why they were introduced and their advantages.
15. November 7:12
David Capka added article Introduction to ASP.NET.
We'll introduce the ASP.NET technology, explain the basic principles of the client-server architecture, WebForms concept, and something about MVC.
15. November 6:53
David Capka added article Method Chaining and Method Cascading.
We'll explain the importance of auxiliary variables in source code, the Method Chaining design pattern, and we'll show how Methods Cascading works.
14. November 15:57
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14. November 13:46
David Capka added article Basic Best Practices for Software Design.
Basic best practices for software design on real examples - KISS, Single Responsibility Principle, SoC, DRY, Shy, LoD a IoC.
14. November 13:37
David Capka added article STUPID - Bad Practices of Software Development.
Are you making the worst programmer mistakes? - Singletons, Tight coupling, Untestability, Premature optimization, Indescriptive naming, Duplication.
13. November 15:00
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13. November 6:59
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12. November 22:50
David Capka added article Chain of Responsibility.
The Chain of Responsibility design pattern allows to separate the sender of a request from one or more recipients.
12. November 12:24
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12. November 10:28
David Capka added article Mediator.
The Mediator design pattern introduces a mediator between direct communication of several objects, reducing the coupling and responsibility of the objects.
12. November 6:15
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11. November 20:37
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9. November 18:25
David Capka added article Memento.
Memento is a simple design pattern that stores the internal state of an object without violating the encapsulation principle.
9. November 11:54
David Capka added article Template method.
The Template Method design pattern defines the template of an algorithm as its individual steps. The descendants then implement these steps.
9. November 9:40
David Capka added article Strategy.
The Strategy design pattern allows to replace an algorithm with another one at runtime without changing the code. Algorithms are encapsulated modules.
9. November 8:59
David Capka added article Observer.
The Observer design pattern allows the object to manage a number of observers who respond to changes of its state by calling their methods.
9. November 7:52
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6. November 10:40
David Capka added article Flyweight.
The Flyweight design pattern is designed to save resources when a lot of instances of a single type needs to be created.
5. November 6:29
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2. November 20:11
David Capka added article Decorator.
The Decorator design pattern allows us to add functionality to a class on runtime without inheriting it. We can use it e.g. to extend libraries.
2. November 12:03
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2. November 10:58
David Capka added article Proxy.
We use the Proxy design pattern when we need to control the user's access to our object, for example, to improve the application's performance.
2. November 9:14
David Capka added article Facade.
The Facade design pattern is used to create a united interface for an entire logical group of classes representing a subsystem.
2. November 8:07
David Capka added article Adapter (wrapper).
We use the Adapter design pattern (or Wrapper) when working with a component that has an unstable or incompatible interface with our application.
2. November 7:55
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1. November 15:04
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1. November 11:59
David Capka added article Factory (method).
Factory is a design pattern that separates the instance creation from the program itself. It provides additional initialization possibilities.
1. November 9:20
David Capka added article Singleton.
Singleton is a popular design pattern that provides global access to a class instance. We'll show its advantages and disadvantages and program it.
1. November 8:00
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