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4. April 10:58
fictum.jiri added game Videostop in C# .NET Console.
Recreational game. Roll the dice of the same value! The program has an interesting rendering function, and also possibility to change the game speed.
4. April 10:13
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4. April 8:04
David Capka added article Tetris in MonoGame: Score and Level Completing.
In this MonoGame lesson we'll continue working on our Tetris game, complete the level component, add a score, showing the next block, game over, and pause.
3. April 14:26
David Capka added article Tetris in MonoGame: Functional Game Core.
In this tutorial we'll make our MonoGame Tetris functional. We'll implement the block fall and movement, and add the fallen blocks to the game board.
3. April 13:14
David Capka added article Tetris in MonoGame: Game Board.
In this MonoGame tutorial we'll create a game board for our Tetris game, containing all fallen blocks, collision handling, row removing, and rendering.
3. April 11:34
David Capka added article Tetris in MonoGame: Block Generator.
In this tutorial we'll create a random block generator that'll be using patterns loaded from a file. We're creating our Tetris game in MonoGame.
3. April 6:34
David Capka added article Tetris in MonoGame: Block.
In this tutorial we'll create a Block class, generate it from a pattern, make it rotate, fall, and render. We'll finally start to implement Tetris logic.
3. April 5:51
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1. April 19:36
Lesson 1 - Introduction to C# and the .NET framework from Paul Shaddick
Helpful detail, particularly on how .NET Framework fits into the picture. I wish I had found this when trying to teac...
31. March 13:52
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31. March 12:32
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31. March 11:48
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30. March 20:41
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30. March 10:58
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29. March 9:19
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29. March 6:14
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27. March 16:17
David Capka added article Dividing a MonoGame Project into Components.
In this lesson we'll divide our MonoGame project into several drawable components inherited from DrawableGameComponent and explain how they work.
27. March 12:36
David Capka added article Sounds, Music, Keyboard, and Mouse Input in MonoGame.
In this tutorial, we'll show how to play music and sound effects in background. We'll learn how to work with basic controllers, such as mouse and keyboard.
27. March 7:50
David Capka added program Using Flags for User Permissions.
Example program that uses flags (enum type) to grant permissions to users. C# .NET source code is available to download.
26. March 11:24
Lirim Islami has registered.
25. March 20:23
Jan Vargovsky added program Hangman Game in C# .NET Console.
The Hangman game in which you have to guess the word letters. When you guess incorrectly, you lose one life. C# source codes are available.
25. March 14:48
fictum.jiri added program Bouncing Balls in C# .NET Console.
Balls bounce off the console edges just like in a pool table. The program beautifully demonstrates what are objects good for.
24. March 17:13
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23. March 12:12
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23. March 5:47
Daniel Vitek added game Dice Game.
Simple Dice game created in C# console.
22. March 6:58
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20. March 23:29
David Capka added article Drawing and Writing in MonoGame.
In this tutorial, we'll draw a few sprites and make the effect of an endless color-changing sky. We'll write text with a shadow using different fonts.
20. March 15:45
David Capka added article Adding Content in MonoGame.
In this lesson, we'll add a background, sprites, sounds, music, and spritefonts into our MonoGame project content.
20. March 15:04
David Capka added article MonoGame Project Structure.
We'll explain the MonoGame project structure and the game loop (Initialize(), LoadContent(), Update(), Draw(), and UnloadContent() methods).
20. March 14:35
Bratr added game Console Version of Mau-Mau Card Game in C# .NET.
Simple card game Mau-Mau, very similar to UNO. The game was created for the local OOP competition in C# .NET.
20. March 13:19
Marko Biskupic has registered.
18. March 11:22
Z.Pelikan added game Battleship (Game) in C# .NET.
The classic Battleship game, made in console and written in C#. The objective of the game is to sink all opponent's ships.
17. March 19:23
Frantisek Koutensky added program Binary and Decimal Numbers Converter.
Simple console program that converts numbers from binary to decimal numeric system and vice versa.
16. March 12:37
James Martin has achieved a good result in a quiz OOP
15. March 18:12
David Capka added program Even and Odd Divisibility.
Sample program that for any given interval prints the sum of even numbers that are divisible by 5. C # source code included.
15. March 5:27
Gbenga Obayomi has registered.
14. March 5:17
Umesh GM has registered.
13. March 19:40
Michal Martinek added program Painting in Console (C#).
Simple painting program in console written in C# (source codes included). The painting is done using cursor arrows. Final image can be saved or loaded.
13. March 13:13
Suraj Rathi has registered.
13. March 10:12
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12. March 12:27
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12. March 8:55
Eldest added program Matrix.
Matrix or "Matrix Rain" is program created in C# programming language. Source code included and available to download.
12. March 6:49
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12. March 6:38
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12. March 6:22
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12. March 5:22
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12. March 0:56
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11. March 18:20
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11. March 12:40
David Capka added program Working With Specified Intervals 2.
Prints all even numbers from the first interval that have their doubles in the second interval. C# source code included.
11. March 12:29
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11. March 11:51
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11. March 5:34
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11. March 5:33
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11. March 2:45
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10. March 21:53
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10. March 13:23
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10. March 13:06
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10. March 4:22
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10. March 2:13
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9. March 13:03
David Capka added program Working With Specified Intervals 1.
Prints the sum of Pi multiples for the specified interval. C# source code included.
9. March 10:31
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9. March 10:20
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9. March 9:11
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9. March 7:42
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9. March 3:39
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9. March 3:21
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8. March 21:19
David Capka added program Fibonacci Number.
Example program that prints the Fibonacci number in a given range. C# source code included.
7. March 16:57
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7. March 12:39
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7. March 9:37
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7. March 9:03
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7. March 5:04
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6. March 19:12
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6. March 14:02
David Capka added program Fibonacci Number in Reverse Order.
Sample program - Prints the Fibonacci number in reverse order from the specified top limit to 1. C# source code included.
6. March 7:07
Frantisek Koutensky added game Snake in Console.
This is a console version of the Snake game. The game objective is to eat as much food as possible, to increase the score.
5. March 9:14
Jaroslav Smrz added article Working with Text Files in Xamarin - Completing the Notepad.
In today's lesson, we'll finish our Xamarin Notepad application in C# .NET with saving and loading data from a text file.
5. March 8:56
Jaroslav Smrz added article Saving and Loading Data in Xamarin Using Text Files.
Today we'll learn how to work with text files in Xamarin and save/load our data using these files.
5. March 6:33
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4. March 17:30
Zdenek Pavlatka added program AP - Advanced Painting.
Painting in C# .NET that supports layers and filters (sepia, blur, neon, ...) in addition to the common functions .
4. March 12:36
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4. March 11:24
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4. March 10:34
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4. March 9:30
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3. March 20:51
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2. March 12:48
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