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Lesson 3 - Variables, type system and type conversions in Python from Adewale Mololuwa
mine is not working please i dont really know what's wrong This is the code
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Lesson 2 - IDLE and the first Python console application from Adewale Mololuwa
I am so glad i joined this community it is so interesting and am learning a lot and this is actually making me to wan...
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30. November 15:15
Martin Petrovaj added article Testing in C# .NET - Business Standards and Usability.
The ISO 9001 and IEEE 829 business standards, verification vs. validation, test. approaches (regressive tests...), user interface tests in C#, UX vs. UI.
29. November 11:02
Martin Petrovaj added article Testing in C# - Quality Assurance, CAN PIG RIDE, and ISTQB.
In this C# tutorial about testing web apps, we'll explain terms such as SLA, QA, SQA, go through CAN PIG RIDE and ISTQB practices (pesticides paradox).
29. November 10:58
Martin Petrovaj added article Acceptance Tests of Real Applications in C# .NET.
In this C# .NET tutorial, we'll show some code from real applications' tests that address interesting issues.
29. November 10:44
Martin Petrovaj added article Testing in C# .NET - More Selenium WebDriver Syntax.
This C# .NET tutorial discusses the syntax of the Selenium testing framework. We'll do cookies, windows, navigation, browser capabilities and file uploads.
29. November 8:49
Martin Petrovaj added article Testing in C# .NET - Selenium WebDriver syntax overview.
This C# .NET tutorial describes the syntax of RemoteWebDriver in the Selenium test framework. ChromeDriver, RemoteWebDriver, WebElement, Options.
29. November 6:10
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Lesson 4 - Wiring controllers and views from David Capka
Hi Bill, have you tried running the attached code? Perhaps you made a mistake somewhere. I've downloaded it and opene...
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Lesson 4 - Wiring controllers and views from Bill Blalock
I get a message indicating the substantiation failed on this line of RouterController $this->controller = new ...
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21. November 19:53
David Capka added article Java Testing - The first unit test in JUnit.
In this tutorial, we'll create a simple Java class and generate a unit test for it using JUnit, verify the functionality of methods and exceptions.
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Juan Pablo Benito has rated Loops and @media in Sass.
20. November 4:38
Juan Pablo Benito has rated Data types in Sass.
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19. November 13:46
Radek Veverka added article Finishing the Node.js API - The GET and PUT methods.
In this tutorial, we'll complete our Node.js and MongoDB API. We'll create responses to GET requests with different parameters. We'll also edit documents.
19. November 6:32
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14. November 7:34
Radek Veverka added article API extension in Node.js - Schemas, validation, POST, DELETE.
In this tutorial, we will expand the Node.js API with MongoDB with a new collection with people. We program responses to POST and DELETE requests.
13. November 12:09
Radek Veverka added article Reading Data From MongoDB, RESTful API with a database.
This tutorial shows what MongoDB offers when reading data and how to use it. The first part of the RESTful API with MongoDB is also implemented in Node.js.
13. November 10:53
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13. November 7:58
Petr Sedlacek added article First steps in MongoDB.
In this Node.js tutorial, we'll get familiar with Mongoose, create a schema and compile it into a model. Then we'll write first data into our database.
13. November 7:48
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10. November 17:55
Petr Sedlacek added article Introduction to MongoDB.
In this Node.js tutorial, we'll introduce and install MongoDB. We'll also connect to the database for the first time and explain what promises are.
10. November 11:32
Petr Sedlacek added article Complete RESTful API in Node.js.
In this Node.js tutorial, we'll implement the remaining three REST API methods (POST, PUT, and DELETE) and learn how to use the nodemon and Postman tools.
10. November 10:14
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10. November 8:30
Petr Sedlacek added article Running the project and first lines in Express.
In thi Node.js tutorial, we'll get to know Express, create a new project, and refactor the introductory application from the first lesson.
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4. November 17:07
Petr Sedlacek added article REST API, SOAP, GRAPH, and JSON.
In this tutorial, we'll explain terms like REST API, SOAP, Facebook Graph API, and JSON. We'll also introduce the project that we'll create in this course.
4. November 16:25
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4. November 11:59
Jindrich Maca added article Introduction to Node.js.
In this tutorial we'll introduce Node.js, describe its features and architecture, show how to install it and try to write our first application.
4. November 11:50
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3. November 23:04
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