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I work as a software architect and a mentor on the network (and its regional variants). Occasionally, I teach programming languages as well, including C# .NET, Java, PHP, HTML and CSS, JavaScript, SQL, and others. I'm also interested in webdesign and 2D/3D graphics. In regards to my personal life, I'm a minimalist. I like new technologies and nature. You can meet me while I'm at network community events if you're in town (lectures or chats) and maybe go out and grab a beer. I've written structured code since I was 12. I took place in a game programming competition in elementary school. Then in grammar school, I was in another competition where I made an adventure game with a custom engine. During my time at the Unicorn College, I learned to make web applications and wrote the first version of the network. In 2015, I realized just how important it is to be able to configure web servers and completely switched to the Linux operating system. Ever since 2016, I've been interested in the English speaking world and am doing my absolute best to expand the network to all four corners of the globe. I truly appreciate the business freedoms we have in my home country, which is the Czech Republic, and believe that anyone can do absolutely anything if they're willing to run the extra mile.
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